A New POW Chapel Found in Singapore

Aug 21, 2014

Only the second known upstanding POW Chapel in Singapore has been located.

The Chapel set up by Rev EL Andrews at Camp No.1 Adam Park in a bombed out estate building was sketched by Pte Robert Mitchell AIF. But the exact location has remained a mystery for 72 years. Now Jon Cooper, Changi Museum’s resident researcher, has uncovered conclusive evidence that draws upon sketches, written accounts, 3d modelling and newly released aerial photographs from the National Archives of Singapore that proves the chapel was located at No.11 Adam Park.

This also means the Japanese guardhouse, officer’s mess, canteen, theatre, hospital and barrack blocks can all be placed into existing buildings. Artifacts relating to the POW occupancy have also been recovered from the gardens over the course of twenty one metal detector surveys carried out on site. Adam Park is possibly the most complete example of a POW workcamp left standing in Singapore.

A 3d model was created using Robert Mitchell's sketch

A 3d model was created using Robert Mitchell’s sketch and then used to match architectural features in the existing buildings

Plans are now underway to raise enough funds to pay for the search for Captain Andrew’s murals which may still be behind the layers of paint and plaster in the chapel room.