Civilian Internees Database

The Changi Museum has collected nearly 5,000 records of registered Civilian Internees who were interned in Singapore between 1942 and 1945 during the Japanese Occupation. You can now download this database by clicking on this link.

Please note:

1.) Camp entries are primarily ‘Changi’ and ‘Sime Rd’. Most civilian internees were originally imprisoned in Changi before being moved to Sime Road in 1944. The entry ‘Sime Rd’ infers the person did not go to Changi initially but was sent to Sime Rd after the majority of Changi internees had been moved across.

2.) There are a small number of entries in the ‘Camp’ column listed as ship names. These appear to be the name of the vessel this person was lost on during the evacuation. However this database does not have a comprehensive list of names of those lost on these vessels.

3.) Nationality is listed as ‘British’ or ‘Australian’ and not ‘Britain’ and ‘Australia’.

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