Museum Etiquette

1.     All guides, facilitators, taxi drivers and tour leaders are required to register their group at the gift shop counter, before proceeding into the Museum.

2.      Within the vicinity of the Museum, all individuals / groups are reminded of the following:

·    Mobile phones are to be switched off
·    No drinking & eating
·    No smoking
·    No Pets allowed
·    No Photography or video recording
·    No Wheelies/Roller blades/Running (except for wheelchair)
·    No touching of exhibits

3.      No external food is to be consumed at the Cafe.

4.      Loud hailers and amplifiers are not permitted within the confines of the Museum.

5.      All visitors are reminded not to touch the exhibits / display cabinets.

6.      Guides and facilitators are to exercise discretion and consideration to other groups in the same area. This applies particularly to group management, noise volume and common courtesy at various sites within the Museum vicinity.

7.      All drivers of coaches are to note that the area in front of the Museum is for drop-off and pick-up of passengers only. At any one time, there must only be a maximum of two (2) coaches within the Museum car park.

8.      All Statutory Boards, Travel Agencies, Schools, Tour Guides, and Companies are required to complete the attached notification form before your visit to the Museum. This is to be submitted by fax at least three (3) weeks before your visit. The reply will be faxed back within one (1) working day upon receipt. Should you not receive a reply by then, please call up to check if the Museum has indeed received your fax.

9.      Due to the current capacity, we will only allow a maximum of 120 visitors, including locals, walk-ins and groups within the Museum at any one time. This is to ensure that all visitors have a meaningful experience while viewing the various aspects of the Museum.

The Management of the Museum reserves the right to turn away groups who come unannounced.

Note that the above point will apply to all groups with ten (10) or more visitors / students, with the exception of seat-in-coach groups, whereby the travel agency is kindly requested to call and inform the Museum of the number of passengers at the start of the tour.

It will be greatly appreciated if all guides, facilitators and organizations extend their fullest cooperation to the Management and staff of the Museum. This will assist us in ensuring a meaningful experience for all visitors to the Museum.

For the same reason, the Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any individual, group or organization that does not adhere to the above.