Plaque Unveiling Ceremony

Feb 4, 2014

Event: Plaque Unveiling Ceremony: Commemoration of civilians and military personnel from Singapore who were killed or incarcerated in the Dutch East Indies.

Date: Saturday 22nd February 2014.

Time: 10.30am.

Attendees: Please register with The Changi Museum if you wish to attend.

Contact: +65-62142451 (Siti, Jhilli or Zaf).

Ceremony: On that day, The Changi Museum, members of the Malayan Volunteers Group (MVG) and families of ex-POWs will be unveiling a commemorative plaque to honour the memory of the civilian men, women and children, and servicemen and women, who were evacuated from Singapore but unfortunately, were bombed and drowned whilst out at sea. In addition, it also remembers those who survived the trip but eventually ended up being massacred or had to endure years of painful captivity in the then-Dutch East Indies (today’s Indonesia).

About MVG: The Volunteer Forces of Malaya and Singapore played a crucial role in the defence of Singapore. With the growing threat of war in Europe, many Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians and Europeans from all walks of life enrolled as volunteers to defend the land. The current MVG is made up of surviving family members of these volunteers and they now play an active role in preserving and highlighting the historical awareness of these volunteer forces.

About The Changi Museum: The Changi Museum is dedicated to all who suffered during the dark years of World War II. Highlights include galleries tracing the History of Changi, as well as replicas of the Changi Murals and Changi Quilts. The Changi Chapel, remains today, a point of pilgrimage for veterans, family members and visitors alike. The Changi Museum is a free-access institution and is open daily from 9.30am-5.00pm. On-site, visitors are able to hear the Changi Stories brought to life by a specially-trained Docent on a guided tour, opt for an audio-experience or are free to tour on their own.