Sime Road Maps Now at Changi

Apr 3, 2014

New maps and plans of the Sime Road internment camp have been handed over to Changi Museum.

Graphic Designer Jane Nielsen and the museum’s resident researcher, Jon Cooper have been working hard to interpret a number of contemporary maps found in the museum archives that show the layout of the camp at the end of the war. 

Sime Road Internment Camp Japanese HQ



The Japanese HQ building at Sime Road – known as ‘The Green House’ by the internees is still there.


This includes the hut numbers, the camp boundaries and the location of tunnels dug at the end of the war by the POW Tunneling Parties out of Changi. Jon added ‘Its been quite a task matching hut numbers with locations as there appears to be a variety of numbering methods in use. However its great to identify the huts mentioned by number in various diaries and accounts and illustrated in the internees’ artwork.’

The next step is to identify the exact location of the various Sime Road landmarks such as the ‘Flying Dutchman’, the C of E Chapel ‘St David’s’ and the hospital sites in the modern landscape. It is hoped work can commence on a full topographic survey onto which the buildings can be located and a ‘virtual’ reconstruction can be built.

The maps and plans can be seen at the museum and will be available for general distribution in the near future. Contact the museum if you have any memories or further information on the Sime Road Camp.