24 mar 06 ~ LDY Museum Pics 052a

This is a photograph of the main entrance of the Changi Museum. The chapel can be seen through the gate entrance.

24 mar 06 ~ LDY Museum Pics 045a

The photograph shows the Museum’s Remembrance Wall, which holds the Remembrance Bowl.

Changi Cell 001b Changi Cell 009a

The Changi Cell is located at the side of the Changi Museum. Once entered, visitors can listen to an audio recording on how the locals suffered in the hands of the Japanese during the Japanese Occupation. It also gives visitors an idea of the atmosphere of a prison cell for those incarcerated during the Second World War.


This plaque of the Changi area was commissioned by the Australian Government to commemorate the many arenas Australian troops took action in. It is one of the three given to Singapore in 1992 during the 50th Anniversary of the Fall of Singapore. These bronze plaques were all sculpted by Dr. Ross J Bastiaan.

More information about Dr. Ross Bastiaan’s plaques, can be found at