Changi Chapel

24 mar 06 ~ LDY Museum Pics 002aChangi Cross 002aThis chapel is dedicated to the memory of all POWs and internees who were incarcerated in the area of Changi, from 1942 to 1945. It is a symbolic representation of the many chapels that were built by POWs in Changi.

The chapel was hand-built using Tembusu wood as a main material of the Chapel. This replica was formerly located beside the Changi Prison and was later transferred and re-consecrated in its current location in February 2001.

In the Chapel, stands the altar which holds the Changi Cross. This cross was fashioned out of a spent artillery shell.

It is one of the many tributes that marks the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the POWs incarcerated in Singapore during the Japanese Occupation.

The cross was made by Sgt. Harry Stogden who never made it home and is one of the few original items in the Museum.

Remembrance Notes 003a     24 mar 06 ~ LDY Museum Pics 006a

One can also find personal messages and dedications, left on our chapel notice board by visitors, to remember those incarcerated by the Japanese.