Zone 1 : Storyboards


Upon entering the Museum, the visitors will be greeted by our friendly staff at the reception desk where they can enquire about the tours we provide.

Visitors can also learn more at the entrance gallery about the situation and condition of lives during pre-war Changi, how the name ‘Changi’ came about and also the militarisation of Changi.

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Just behind the reception area, stands the mural entitled “Two Malarias with a Cholera” displayed in the Museum, drawn by Ray Parkin of his experience working along the Death Railway.


This area also includes a detailed map on the Japanese expansion into Southeast Asia and also a remembrance wall that recognises the various units that defended Singapore before the Fall.

Further down the Museum will be the storyboard displays. There are also showcases containing tools, materials and personal belongings of POWs and other artefacts related or used during World War II. The items displayed in the showcases are donated from organizations, POWs and their families, as well as other visitors.

The storyboards will tell the visitors what happened during the war. It also showcase quotes from POWs, locals and war veterans. These quotes tell us about their experiences in war and what life was like during the war.

Artefacts such as personal belongings of the POWs and army uniforms; that of the Japanese and Australians are on display in the museum. These artefacts were largely acquired from POWs and their families, war veterans, organisations and guests.

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