Zone 2 : Changi Prison Section

Changi Prison 002aThis section covers life in Changi Prison before, during and after the Second World War. It helps visitors understand the restrained prison life especially during the Second World War where 4 prisoners were squeezed into each cell of the Changi Gaol (before it was renamed to Changi Prison)

Changi Prison 006aA floor plan of an actual Changi cell in the Gaol is mapped on the floor in front of the glass exhibits that explains life in Changi Gaol during the Second World War.

Changi Prison 004bThis segment also displays a block of the original Changi Prison wall, Changi Prison cell door (as shown on the left) and barb wire which was acquired by the museum when the prison was torn down in 2005.

CP 001a

Lastly, visitors can view a replica of one of the surviving Changi Quilts.

Several women who were interned in Changi prison during the Occupation, were given six inch squares of rice sack cloth. Each embroided her name, indicating her survival and well being. Under the pretext of a gift, the quilts were handed over to the civilian men for the POW hospital. Knowledge of the women’s well being boosted the men’s morale.