Zone 3 : Changi Murals

24 mar 06 ~ LDY Museum Pics 020a

The museum has replicated what is known as the Changi Murals.

The Changi Murals were drawn by Bombardier Stanley Warren, who was incarcerated by the Japanese. Stanley Warren began painting the murals as his appreciation to God for keeping him alive. These were painted in a small room at Block 151 Roberts Barracks, also known as St. Luke’s Chapel, which was located just beneath the dysentery ward where Stanley Warren was recovering.

mural2Stanley improvised greatly as basic materials such as paint and brushes were not readily available. The murals were completed in May 1943 and in total, Stanley produced five murals on the walls of the Chapel.

24 mar 06 ~ LDY Museum Pics 022a

The murals were rediscovered in 1958 and a search for Stanley Warren was undertaken successfully. With the help of local authorities, Stanley returned to Singapore on a number of occasions to restore the murals.
The original murals are still intact at Block 151 Roberts Barracks however the site is closed off to general visitors. Those who are interested in visiting the site of the original murals may wish to submit an official request to the relevant authorities via