Zone 5: End of War


The Museum has included a new section called “End of War” read up the timeline of events that led up to the war. Also in this section, the museum has displayed an original 15th Century Samurai sword that was surrendered by a Japanese General.


This zone includes one more section called “We Remember” where inspiring stories of bravery, sacrifice, perseverance and camaraderie, are on display for visitors to read and learn about. These stories include stories of many war personalities (eg. Choy Khoon Heng and Elizabeth Choy, Corporal Rodney E. Breavington, Mamuro Shinozaki) and secret missions like Operation Jaywick and Rimau.

24 mar 06 ~ LDY Museum Pics 030a

The Museum also houses plaques, pennants and badges to commemorate the bravery of the various individuals, groups and regiments who had served and died defending Singapore. Some of these also include soldiers, officers and military officials of Singapore, Australian, American, British and others who fought bravely during the war.

24 mar 06 ~ LDY Museum Pics 029b

Lastly, the Museum included an small area called the “Kokonut Grove”.

Entertainment during the war was limited but the prisoners of war managed to set up a place inside the Changi Gaol where they would hold their performances. One of the performing theatres was named Kokonut Grove.

In the Museum, a stage-like backdrop was done up to imitate the Kokonut Grove. In place of live performances, is a television screen which plays selected videos related to the Second World War. These videos can be viewed for free by our visitors.