Notification Of Visit

We welcome all groups and individuals to the Museum.

However, due to space constraints and safety regulations, organised groups of ten (10) or more, are required to inform the museum of their visit. This should be done in writing with advance notice of at least three (3) weeks. Please make your request by filling in our Notification Form and then either send it through email to or fax it to us at (65) 6214 1179.

Upon receiving your booking, we will endeavour to do our best to accommodate your group’s visit and you will receive written approval from us within one (1) working day.

1.      All Statutory Boards, Travel Agencies, Schools, Tour Guides, and Companies are reminded to complete the notification form before your visit to Changi Chapel & Museum.

2.      The Museum will only allow a maximum of 120 visitors, including locals, walk-ins and groups.  The Management of The Changi Museum reserves the right to turn away groups who come unannounced.

3.      Note that the above will apply to all groups with ten (10) or more.

4.     All drivers of coaches are to note that the area in front of the museum is for drop-off and pick- up of passengers only. At any one time, there must only be a maximum of two (2) coaches within the Museum car park


For enquiries, please call (65) 6214 2451 or email us at